How to retire for less

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How can I save money on my retirement?

How to retire for less

The biggest consideration in finding an affordable place to retire is housing. A good rule of thumb is to assume your housing costs will probably consume at least 30 percent of your expenses. When looking for a cheap place to retiren consider that even though most mortgages have been paid off by retirement age, taxes and upkeep will increase. Studies have shown that households made up of individuals over 65 will decrease expenditures in nearly every other area by a larger percentage than they will on housing.



10/1/2007 8:06:30 AM
Robert said:

If you're willing to retire abroad you can save a lot of money. Example: rural, yet close-to-town in Misiones, excellent climate, swimming pool, around a $125 a month. Food less than $10 a day in most cases. Social Security goes a LONG way in Argentina if you stay out of tourist areas and Buenos Aires


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